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The Glock 19

October 29, 2009

A Brief History
The G19 was Glock’s second pistol model, created in the late 1980s in reaction to the American market’s need for a compact version of the 9mm G17. Glock’s path was to reduce barrel and grip length slightly to aid in concealment, while keeping the magazine interface and as many internal parts as possible identical to the G17. This would allow law enforcement to issue both pistols (G17 for uniformed officers, G19 for detectives or off-duty) without needing to maintain two disconnected inventories of spare parts. It was a rewarding system, one which Glock continued to put into practice until the arrival of the “slim line” G36 in 2000. The “compacts” (G19 in 9mm and G23 in .40SW) remain the company’s hottest models, and are used extensively by law enforcement. The G19 frame size is generally viewed as having the best size-utility of all Glock’s models small enough to conceal easily, but large enough to provide a fine grip, sight radius and accuracy.

I bought my first Glock 19 in 1989 after the range master at the Sheriff’s Office Range suggested that my Smith & Wesson Model 39 9mm may have been getting a little long in the tooth. He suggested the G19 as a replacement concealed carry weapon. It made scene since I was already use to the flat laying Smith and the caliber was the same. I discovered the G19 was even more concealable and it had twice the magazine capacity.  After market Glock accessories, Glock parts & Glock barrels were easily available as well. (more…)


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October 12, 2009

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