TAPCO T6 Stock for Mossberg 500 Shotgun


There is no better home defense weapon than the Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun with the 18 inch barrel. Designed to make the weapon more ergonomic and compact, the TAPCO T6 Shotgun System provides the shooter with a six-position adjustable stock and a SAW-Style pistol grip. For added comfort, the T6 Stock also comes standard with TAPCO’s rubber buttpad. Constructed of high-strength composite, the stock is rugged enough for years of use and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works well with Mossberg 500.

Installation is a quick seven step process:

  1. Remove the old stock from the shotgun by removing the buttpad and then removing the stock screw.
  2. Line up the Tapco stock adaptor to the shotgun. Screw in the adaptor screw and washer
  3. Install the 6 position stock tube and T6 stock body into the stock adaptor. Applied pressure may be needed in order to seat the stock completely into the stock adaptor.
  4. Secure the stock tube using the 2 stock tub screws and the 2 stock tub nuts. (If installing with the sling nut use in place of one of these nuts)
  5. Install the pistol grip by lining up the hole in the grip with the hole on the side of the stock adaptor using the pistol grip screw.
  6. Fit the buttpad around the end of the stock body.
  7. Perform a safety check to ensure all parts are tightened and secure.

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