Fake Leupold Rifle Scope


A week ago I was speaking with a fellow shooting enthusiast who surprised me with a story about knock off Leupold rifle scopes. It seems that customers were sending their Leupold scopes back to the factory for service and the factory techs were discovering that the scopes were actually very authentic looking counterfeits.

The majority of the fake rifle scopes located so far are mostly knock offs of the popular and expensive Mark 4 series, and is one of Leupold’s top sellers in the law enforcement and military markets. Since the Mark 4 series is a high end product it makes sense for the counterfeiters to produce the fake scopes and then offer them to the shooting market place at a lower than normal price. When the buyer recognizes the quality of the Leupold rifle scope brand and sees a bargain price a quick sale occurs. Leupold has investigators who have traced the fakes back to China. They have determined that most of the sales of these knock off rifle scopes begin on the internet. Additionally, it is believed that these scopes are making their way into the U.S. secondary market through unauthorized Leupold riflescope dealers, grey market and surplus goods  shipped via Europe and Canada into the United States.

Things to inspect to see if you’re buying a genuine Leupold Rifle scope or a knock off:

Adjustment dial – All authentic Leupold scopes carry the antiqued brass Leupold medallion on the adjustment dial. Currently, all the known fake scopes have had a bare black center on the adjustment dials.

Objective ring – A genuine Leupold scope will have black on black objective rings, with “Leupold” etched on the ring. The phony have an objective ring etched in white on black, and does not say “Leupold.”

Turrent – genuine Leupold scopes bear the “Leupold” logo and “Mark 4” nomenclature laser etched in silver on the bottom of the turret.

Serial number – Every Leupold scope has a serial number, more often than not on or around the bottom turrent. The current clones don’t feature a serial number as of yet.

If you aren’t certain about a particular Leupold scope or have an authenticity question, Leupold has asked that you please call their customer service team at 1-800-LEUPOLD


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