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Bushnell Rifle Scopes

January 18, 2010

For about 50 years, the Bushnell Company has supplied hunters and shooters with a range of rifle scopes that are durable, precise and of very high quality. Bushnell rifle scopes are all covered with a warranty, even though there is very little chance that one of these waterproof, shockproof and fog-proof scopes would malfunction.

Now you do not have to be anxious about building up a layer of water vapor on your scope lens because Bushnell rifle scopes all come with a special coating on the lens. This coating allows for the beads of water to scatter in to minute droplets. Condensation on your lens or eyepiece results in the image being distorted. You also do not have to worry about breaking your Bushnell rifle scope because they are made from an aluminium alloy that is very strong. The inside of the scope is protected from outside factors because it is sealed. These scopes also do not rust easily. The manufacturers have ensured that these scopes are free from moisture by filling the inside with dry nitrogen. (more…)