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Six Critical Steps to Gun Cleaning

December 15, 2009


Step 1. Always make sure the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction, check it twice!

Step 2. Carefully take your gun apart, making sure you to keep track of all the pieces and parts. Please refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to disassemble particular weapon. For most over/under shotguns, when the action is closed, you remove the forestock (wooden part where your front hand goes underneath the barrel) by pulling down on the lever on the forestock. With the forestock off, you open the action of the gun and pull up and forward on the barrels (be careful not to let the barrels fall off the gun and to the ground, the repair can be expensive). You now have three distinct pieces, the receiver (stock and trigger assembly), the barrels, and the forestock

Step 3. Clean your weapon with a solvent (such as Hoppe’s #9). Inside the barrels use a bore brush or a rod (such as Outers) with a patch with solvent applied to the patch. (preferable pushing from the breach to the front of barrels (the same direction the shot/slug travels). Then use a clean dry patch and push that patch through the barrels. Continue this alternating process using clean patches (first with solvent and then without) until the patches no longer come out dirty. Use a toothbrush with solvent to clean other metal parts of gun to remove accumulated residue/deposits/”gunk”. (more…)