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Leupold Rifle Scopes

January 21, 2010

The Leupold rifle scope is clearly a great invention, and like the majority inventions it was born out of need. Most huge inventions evolve from somebody finding a need for something and figuring out how to make it work. The development of the rifle scope began when people started attaching telescopes to rifles to make the most of viewing capabilities. This idea was of course very crude and did not provide the desired outcomes. The first demonstrable use of a telescopic sight on a pistol dates back to 1834,but attempts to create a workable rifle scope were unsuccessful until 1880 when August Fielder managed to build the first telescopic sight that really actually worked. This was the predecessor of all modern day rifle scopes. In 1907 a German immigrant named Fred Leupold set up a small shop in Portland Oregon repairing survey equipment. Several years later when he met inventor John Stevens, the amazing company named Leupold and Stevens was born and still exists today. It was around 1930 after a failed hunting trip, that they began making his first Leupold rifle scopes. The small company survived World War I and the great depression but it was the Second World War that changed the company forever. Working with the US Army and Navy, the engineers at Leupold learned the secrets of waterproofing and durable construction that would change the world of optics forever. The engineers learned that by introducing nitrogen gases within the scope that the optics would remain clear, waterproof and fogproof… for a lifetime. (more…)